Watercolor and the Perfectionist

I began my banking career at 19 in the bookkeeping department of a small bank in my home town of Hot Springs, Arkansas. The job was a way to pay bills and eat. I had no idea I was beginning a 30 year career in banking that would include becoming a vice president for three Texas banks and working in the regulatory department of a large international bank in New York City.

While we were living in Manhattan I began exploring watercolor. You can only do so much decorating in a small NYC apartment, and I needed a creative outlet. An artist friend made a list of all the painting supplies needed to begin. For a year I painted with only the aid of books and the long distance critiques of my artist friend. Progress was slow at first, but I never grew tired of making the effort.

After we moved back to Texas I had the opportunity to take an intermediate-beginners class from one of the leading artist/teachers in Dallas. As if I were not already hooked on painting, this class cemented it. I am currently blessed to live less than a half mile from my artist friend. We paint together weekly.

As a confessed perfectionist and control freak, watercolor is a great medium for me. There is no perfect in watercolor and very little control. The characteristics of how the paint, water and paper react together can absolutely be magic. It is this possibility of magic that keeps me painting and continuing to strive to learn more.

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